PORTABLE Microphones - Zoom h1 Recorder

There are many variants offering audio recording abilty in the world of videography but one that stands out as the most useful must be the zoom H1 recorder it offers the simplest and most clutter free sound capture in a small compact unit that fits in your pocket, the mic is designed to be simple, all manual controls with no fumbly menus just set it up hit the big red button and record.The mic can be placed in someones pocket with a Lav Mic connected. The image above shows the many potential options for this mic and its affordable too. We worked out the best range of accessories to buy, the list is below for your guidance.

  1. Lavalier mic use -a mic input is available for a external stereo lavalier/ mic.
    The advantage of its size allows the recorder to be placed in the pocket of the Groom or speaker etc. whilst not wireless it allows locational sound clarity to be added on the timeline later within your video edit station, note the angled connector for pocket use buttons can also be locked for this purpose by pushing the power button toward hold, likewise pull away from hold to release the lock. Many lav mics come with a range of connectors so check what you require prior to order. We have used the equipment below and the H1 exceeds expectations.
    In comparison to Pro sennheiser Lav equipment either the New Aputure A.lav Small Clip-On Lapel Microphone or the jk-044 mics do the job beautifully at around £20 each they are great value and affordable to replace , New apurture comes with a range of adapter cables mostly designed for IPhone recording, but the mic is wonderful, physically a little large but the sound quality and low backgrd noise is great and so affordable, most definately worth having in your kit.
  2. Clamp stand tripod allows remote area capture ie. band, speeches, verse readings etc in a radio mic recording situation "local show" we use this to record the orchestra and can mix the levels on the timeline at edit time, its wire free and totally harmless to wireless systems in place.
  3. Can be used as a DSLR camera audio recorder simply use the vibration mount for external recordings. A boom pole or mic stand can be added to the equipment shown by using the mic stand adapter (keep this in your kit bag) to permit interview audio clarity use a ball joint on the end of the stand to position the mic
  4. A wind buff is essential externally so buy a cheap chinese unit and use a black band to attach it around the mic these are so much cheaper than the decicated wind buffs
  5. vibration mount should be used at all times, we found a cheap chinese mic mount that does the job simply by adjusting the position of the support bands.

All round an affordable Professional solution that will come in handy in some many awkward situations.

Purchase links

Zoom H1 with 16gb card £65.00 - There are a lot of suppliers so shop around look for included card deals
Microphone Vibration mount £1.68 - Its a neat fit but it works with the zoom and cheaper too just adjust the bands
Portable Swiveling C- Clamp Stand Tripod £3.40 -Comes with both feet, clamp and ball joint ideal for many locations
Right angled connector £1.70 -You may require a mono adapter also depending on the lav you opt for
Microphone Mic Screw Clip Thread 1/4" to 3/8" + 3/8" to 5/8" £0.99 -Use any microphone stand as a holder
Wind buff £3.48 -Use with band to secure this item was enlarged slightly to fit over the head size small recommended
Ball Joint with flash mount and threaded connector £1.48 -many purposes use on your DSLR or boom pole/clamp