DVD Menu System
- Help File
This pack requires after effects to compile the menu backgrounds /transitions/first play effects

After Effects Version - Creating Videos Afx file provided "201wedding.aep"
Project Video content is after effects generated and all text entries are completed in after effects, the Encore Menu only contains hilites.
illustrated in image below ...
STEP1.... Open the After effects
file and view the Project panel as illustrated.
1a.Replace the video holders with your video or photograph as shown in the video holder composition ,please note that the DVD image holder
is used as the image in the various DVD menus and also the 1st play video first and last image displayed, if using video duration must be 70s.

2a.Adjust all the text entries for the menus and first play video as required. The colour adjustment composition will set the text and backgrd
colour to all menus
Menu buttons entries can be altered , but hilites may need adjusted in Encore later should text differences be substantial.
That's it!..
The compositions are then ready for render ..
STEP3.... Select all the compositions shown highlighted and choose Composition - add to render queue
There are 14 output files, keep the names as is and save the videos to the OUTPUT folder in the the pack download as shown

ADOBE ENCORE Setting up the Project..
Import the 3 photoshop encore menus (choose the AFX version)
Import each respective video from the AFX output folder: as an Asset or Timeline as described in the image above or as per file name.
Set The motion background of each menu to the relevant imported video i.e.

  1. Main Menu uses - 2.DVD Main Menu [Bkgrd] - Asset
  2. Scene Menu uses - 3.DVD Scene Menu [Bkgrd] - Asset
  3. Bonus Menu uses - 4.DVD Bonus Menu [Bkgrd] - Asset

" Your content will now be visible "
Import your video and link the menus/videos as per the guide below setting the respective transitions as described

You may have to adjust the position of the menu button highlights if you edit any of the menu button text content, do this in encore

Audio is included in the respective transitions and motion backgrounds and can be output from after effects.
Audio can be activated for each menu by linking the audio pickwhip to the motionbackground asset



Encore - Assembling menus (use The Encore only version menus)
All project content is completed in Adobe Encore
Please note that this menu system has been provided in this form for users who do not wish to utilise after effects

1a.Import to encore the provided photoshop encore menus
Set the respective menu durations to the required time length

simply import your image asset and dragg on to the image holder for each menu as shown below to update to your content