I just purchased your Wedding 200 template and wanted to ask you what would be the best way to set the menus up if we have more than for scenes / chapters - i.e. adding a next and back buttons / functions on those screens.
    Ben Etzioni

    Should you require additional scenes
    In After effects
    After you have created the  First 4 scenes with all transition videos etc.
    Duplicate the project builder
    then create the next set of scenes with all videos etc
    By duplicating the provided example Photoshop  DVD  Scenes Menu, you can
    navigate between each
    should you require transitions (this might be excessive) use as  timelines
    the 3a/3b play out  and play in from each respective scene to create the
    The appearance of the extra 1-4, 5-8 buttons will
    activate on display of the actual DVD menu and should be tolerable


    On older DVD players the transitions seem to pause while loading the next video in the DVD can you advise


  • Please download the optional project builder which provides extended transition times, while this is slightly slower to navigate it does ensure that all transitions will display fully in older and slower DVD Media players, we recommend this a fail safe method