Project 185

  • 1.Overcoming Menu delays in DVD players
  • 2.Smart Titles for Weddings
  • 3.Video Tutorial
New concepts to share with you to help you improve the quality of both your video and DVD Productions

1.Overcoming Menu delays in DVD players :
Produce a DVD That seamlessly plays transitions on all DVD players

Many of you will have used many of our menu packs over the years and use them as perhaps modified for your productions, we were asked to provide a DVD which went to many media sources a few people responded, drawing our attention to the fact that the menu navigation would pause then jump in some of the transitions, after a bit of investigation it became apparent that the relevant DVD players were slow at loading/preordering each transition clip from the disc and this presented us with a challenge to overcome this and mask the performance of DVD hardware while still retaining the transition effects.

The Disc was constructed from menu pack 173 RW book which has been revised for you
The transitions for this are included in the after effects builder project.

On selection of play all for example the menu was designed to fade out in a 3s duration,the transition would start but pause midway through the fade out and then jump to the main film, we overcame this by adding a 2 second blank clip to the end of the transition this resolved the issue ensuring the screen was blank as the player located and played the next clip and did not appearto be any excessive delay in viewing

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2.Smart Titles for Weddings:
Quick,easy and graceful Wedding Statement and titles

A really graceful title introduction
This video can be combined to pre display the above package
creating a lovely introduction to the DVD Menu

Simply edit the text layers in the after effects file and render the output composition

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all effects incl no plugins required