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Software required

Classic DVD pack
DVD Menu System (
EzyPzy Range)
An Ezy Pzy Update providing a fast build menu system
Video button can capture & integrate your image
By using image replacement for image

This pack only requires Encore to compile the menu backgrounds

(containing main+ scene menus 60seconds no plugins are required)

Encore - Assembling menus - All project content is completed in adobe encore

STEP1.... illustrated in image below
1 .Import to encore the provided photoshop encore menus
2..import the motion background as an asset

set the backgrd video of each menu to the imported asset


CS5 version
utilises image replace holders
simply import your image asset and dragg on to the image holder as shown below to update to your content
The imported image assets should be based around (w)1152 x (H)942 pixels

The motion background has been provided (WMV)which also contains audio should you wish ..

The menu is now ready to use

Please note an AFX file is provided for more advanced users to recreate the motion backgrd with effects overlaying image & more
Simply replace the photo holder with either photo or video and render to create the motion background for the provided DVD menu remember to hide from view the image holder in the menu if using this method.


You may have to adjust the position of the menu button highlights if you edit any of the menu text content, do this in encore



HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... d