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Software required


The latest version includes a revision to frame sequence times plus a visual frame counter so you can easily sequence various clips in the bkgrd in combination with the Diamond display.
E-Mail us with suggestions or send us your version and we will feature it here we are sure someone has the unique version !!!!
as we spent our time making the project not enhancing the footage :)


Diamond DVD pack
DVD Menu System

This pack requires after effects CS5 to compile the menu backgrounds /transitions/first play effects

(containing main+ scene menus 60seconds +First Play Video+Afx builders
All effects are included as the live DVD preview above:

After Effects - Creating Videos Afx file provided
All motion background content is completed in after effects
All text entries are completed in Encore if you wish to edit the text please do this first in photoshop before constructing the after effects projects !!!!

STEP1.... illustrated in image below
1.Replace the 'Master video holder' with your video or photograph as shown in the video holder composition
file must be minimum 72 secs duration
if using video please note the first 11.00 seconds of this video file will be used within the first play intro
the remainder will be used as the DVD menu video background loop.

2.Replace the 'photos display holder' (the box photograph shown on the photos DVD menu) with an image or video min 60s

ADVANCED TIP: The Master image holder will be automatically used to all menus in both the background video and Diamond display
you need only import one clip, If however you want different videos to each menu backgrd and Diamond display
Expand the ' add more videos folder' and use the respective composition to add additional or replacement content, adjustments to scale in the Diamond can also be done in these compositions
to colour correct or adjust backgrd transparency use the defined 'col adjustment compositions' located in a separate folder

The compositions are then ready for render
STEP2.... illustrated in image below
There are 11 output compositions once rendered to video set as described in the image below section 1

audio is included in the respective transitions and motion backgrounds and can be output from after effects.

Import the photoshop encore menus
the respective menu durations will be set to the video output time length defined from after effects video construct you project using the video content derived from the above
You may have to adjust the position of the menu button highlights if you edit any of the menu text content, do this in encore
set up the project as per the instructions above and illustrated flow guide below

TIP As the scene video thumbs are Diamond shaped the link video may not display well in the thumb
if this occurs we have included a image replacement button in a hidden layer above the thumbnail
you have creatively construct a replacement iameg for each

Full audio track available royalty free - AKM Music