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Navigation issues are resolved by using after effects in this project - info on this is advised in this article

Commerce DVD pack
DVD Menu System (EzyPzy Range)
Quick encore assembly and fully customisable
This pack only requires Encore to compile the menu backgrounds

(containing main menu 60seconds
no plugins are required)

Encore - Assembling menus
All project content is completed in adobe encore
Please note that this menu system has been provided in this form for users who do not wish to utilise after effects
whilst fully acceptable for image content, the display of video will require navigation adjustment described below.

STEP1.... illustrated in image below
1a.Import to encore the provided photoshop encore menus
Set the respective menu durations to the required time length
1b.The main menu button graphic can be linked to your image image or video (60s)
after integrating your content to the menu graphic button (done by linking the button to the respective timeline or chapter point )
if image - convert the button to an object do this by selecting the button then choose object - convert to object
if video - exclude the button from the navigation menu (read this article on how to best achieve this)

The menu is now ready to use

1c.The product items will have to be added manually as objects or using the edit in photoshop feature

You may have to adjust the position of the menu button highlights if you edit any of the menu text content, do this in encore

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Menus - All versions

  Main/scene Menu




HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... Canopus HQ codec required