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Elegant Slideshow After Effects pack
After effects Slideshow pack
Quick After effects assembly and fully customisable
This pack requires after effects to compile the slideshow

(containing audio + font +Afx builders Cs4 and video effects)

All effects are included as the live preview above

After effects - Creating Videos Afx file provided

Replace the respective video holders 1-10 with your video or photograph as shown in the video holder composition best fit to composition
file must be minimum 20 secs duration

Simply adjust the text entries for the respective text composition 1-10

The composition is then ready for render
please note the scaling for each image is completed in the pre comp 1-10 not in the holder itself

Full audio track available royalty free - AKM Music

Contents Of download


Yes for transitions cs4


  Main Menu

  Yes Afx file
AVI video effects

  audio yes

included Afx file +effects

HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... Canopus HQ codec required