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Wedding Chapter Intro pack
Chapter Introduction Video
Video precompiled - After effects project provides Title incorporation
Non after effects users a complete version AVI is included in the above download (clean no titles)simply add the title in your editor
(containing after effects generator +video effects)

The effects are included as the preview

After Effect users simply edit the text entry to your requirement.

Use this video as a chapter intro after DVD menu
more to come in the DX range we have a hardware product developing that may be of interest to special effect video creators (low cost and useable - coming very soon to members)

Canopus HQ codec required
Full audio track available from AKM music

Contents Of download

Yes CS4

NA - Video only



  audio no

More information

HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... Canopus HQ codec required