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Quick Advert creation pack
Multi Theme pack


Real World Effect
Simple to use fast rendering and ideal for that quick ad or promotion


Open the After effects project -
from the assets panel use the replace footage feature to replace the provided image holders with your photographs or video
adjustment can be made within each video holder composition to best fit and scale your image or video
open the assembler composition and replace the text content items shown on the timeline.

We have provided a master PSD for the bronze silver and gold image thumbs
open the photoshop" label psd" and paste your image into the respective thumb image holder layer
to do this
In the photoshop layers panel
CTRL Mouse click on the image layer to make active and Selected
having copied your image
Select Edit - Paste into and adjust scale to best fit

adjust any required text content
then choose layer merge group to flatten the respective thumb item
save the file on completion

Within The after effects composition
use the replace footage feature of after effects to replace each thumb with your compiled version layer

The HD1280 Composition can then be added to the render queue for final video production

Trapcode Shine is required to create the blue effect - discounts for this plugin are available in your member profile
However this is not required if you do not have trapcode simply hide the tradcode effects layer from view

Contents Of download

Project files - V7.0
All photoshop images
Fonts etc



More information

HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... Canopus HQ codec required