GUIDE To including your images to photoshop layers

To include your images in the file,
open the photoshop dvd menu

The dvd menu will contain layers similar as shown

STEP 1 - open any image you wish to use in photo shop
From the photoshop menu choose select -All then Edit copy merged
this will place your image in the clipboard switch to the dvd menu
STEP 2 open the layers panel as shown opposite
mouse click on the your image layer to make it active as shown in blue

STEP 3 CTRL+ mouse click on the image layer thumb to load the image selection as shown Ensure you click the image thumbnail with the hand cursor over the thumbnail.
if you complete this correctly, the photo will be highlighted with the selection border.
STEP 4 Choose Edit - paste into This will paste your image into the selection
choose edit- transform - scale to adjust the size of your image to the correct visual appearance use the drag handles to resize and fit the existing window.
press enter to apply the transformation.
delete the existing photo layer or hide from view.

The menu is now ready for use with Encore