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Simply - the best Royalty free DVD menus and motion backgrounds available to download on the internet!

We light up screens around the world by producing a broad range of exceptional DVD menus and motion backgrounds that captivate your audience.
All our work is produced to a unique standard   judge for yourself 
Scottish Software Awards Best Digital Media Solution Finalist

For a DVD to stand out, it needs a high quality menu that does the content justice
You will find this in our various software areas
Our wedding area provides reality content which is some of the finest available to download via the internet and HD content is now available in the adobe encore area

Robert Dickie ( Managing Director ) Quote:
"Our content will simply help improve your own DVD production to a much higher standard, by providing professional content that you can tailor to a unique and personal requirement.
The internet may offer seemingly more attractive packages 500 of this and that but in reality a flagship product is born from a unique design concept, experience will demonstrate that our products are a unique brand, you may try other alternatives but when it comes to the final TV display the difference in "real presence" will bring you back To Video Team Products
The proof of this concept is provided by the number of members who resubscribe year after year to this site , this truly defines our company and is a marker ensuring our presence for a long time to come" .

Our Adobe After Effects projects are real world

You may find other sites offering what seems like fantastic effects but from experience the usability of these may require intense Hours of rendering or a level of skill which will take many months to attain
Our projects are a balance they are easy to use and generally render very quickly, therfor becoming a useful addition to your tool box, in no way discouraging your progression into After Effects.

We believe you can learn quickly and easily from these and perhaps move on to more complex content as you learn, that said the return from these projects is more likely to be useable in a video production as they were designed for that specific purpose
We provide projects which will allow you to introduce a real world special effect to every day productions linked to your DVD menus - that you can then edit and personalise!
For a short time we have a special offer allowing access to the full range of these projects, there has never been a better time to get started.



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The markets leading designer for DVD menu design, where you can learn to create and buy DVD menu templates of a truly specialised standard and unique design.
We offer professional designs including motion menus and special effects.
For Pinnacle Edition, Impression,Studio,adobe Encore, premiere, Photoshop, Sonic


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